Friday, April 22, 2011

Supernatural Creatures

I can now officially say my urban fantasy series will be released this fall (Sept 5, Oct. 5 and Nov. 5 respectively). Woot! In honor of that, I've made a list of my favorite supernatural creatures of all time. Why? Because unlike vampires, werewolves and demons, these creatures are often overlooked. I have a soft-spot for these supernatural underdogs.

1) Phoenix. I have a fondness for anything that can go up in flames, and then rise from the ashes as a younger version. I guarantee women would line up for miles if they offered the process as an anti-aging treatment. Phoenix also rock their bright colors. And they fly!

2) Gargoyles. My all-time favorite. They're stone. They live on top of castles. They offer protection from demons (or they're awesome rain spouts, depending on who you ask). Either way, what's not to love? Sure they look creepy, but they can fly!

3) Griffins. Super cool, mythological half-horse, half-bird of prey with a few lion traits thrown in. My three favorite animals all in one. And they can fly!

4) Harpies. Okay ladies, be honest. Who hasn't wanted to turn into a screaming, raging, beast who rips up any man that pisses them off? While flying! Wait...I'm the only one?

Oh. Moving on...

5) Pixies. How can you resist a small, quick, magical troublemaker? Who flys? Kim Harrison has forever changed the way I view pixies. If you enjoy urban fantasy and haven't read her Rachel Morgan series, you should. Stat.

6) Dragons. Shimmering scales, dagger-like claws, the ability to breathe fire AND they can fly.

7) Supernatural, the TV show. Sam & Dean Winchester. They don't fly, but they don't have to. And the writing is awesome.

This is a brief list--there are so many more! But for now, I'm distracted and must go watch Supernatural. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

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