Thursday, April 28, 2011

Living Juicy

I once read an article about a woman who approached life with the motto "Live Juicy" (as far as I know, this should be credited to SARK). I love, love, LOVE this idea. Ideally, we should squeeze every last delicious drop out of life with the time we have. Not to mention, saying I live juicy is a great way to raise eyebrows. *wicked grin*

How can we all Live Juicy? I spend as much time as I can with ideas, actions and events that burst with flavor. For me, it's writing, reading, doing yoga, tinkering around our mini farm and dreaming up wild new projects. I also try to surround myself with people who share this same zest for life. And I never take things too seriously (which drives serious people crazy--an added bonus). Here are a few tips for squeezing the most out of your life:

1) Laugh often. Unless you're being tortured with tickling, laughter is the perfect way to feel better instantly. Call a friend who makes you laugh. Watch a hilarious movie. Read a funny book. Do anything that makes you dissolve into those deep belly laughs that roll through your whole body. Don't drink too much liquid before doing this.

2) Decide to enjoy life. It really is a choice. Bad things still happen (an unfortunate fact) but you can choose to be happy. Or wallow. Wallowing is a lot less juicy.

3) Be creative. Whether you enjoy creating new spreadsheets or sculptures, indulge in the pursuit of creativity often. If you go with spreadsheets, use lots of color. And pie charts--they're juicy.

4) Socialize. The trick here is to be around people who make you feel great. You might have a standing coffee date or a dozen scrap booking divas you meet with. As long as you look forward to the get together, you're living juicy.

5) Get a hobby. Something you do just for YOU. Purely selfish, purely fun. Maybe you have a thing for hiking. Or what about baking? Whatever feels juicy should be a priority (bonus points if you can combine all of the above!)

The point is to feel great most of the time. Life has a lot to offer, but it's up to you to enjoy it to the fullest. Why not make it juicy?

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