Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just For Today

If you've ever taken a yoga or meditation class, you might have heard the phrase, "just for today." It's one of my favorite phrases. Why? It's a reminder to be present and think about the here and now. Use it as an opportunity to take a breath and focus. Here's my Just For Today List:

Just for today, smile more. See who returns your smile and be thankful for that gift.

Just for today, have fun. My favorite way to incorporate a little fun is to turn on music and dance with my kids. Try a new fitness class or funny movie. Anything that releases those feel good endorphins counts.

Just for today, add a little color to your life. Wear bright clothes. Buy crayons and color away (bonus points for staying in the lines). Paint a room. Buy flowers. Notice the positive shift in your mood.

Just for today, enjoy your family. Ignore the irritating habits that normally drive you crazy. Give them a hug and appreciate who they are.

Just for today, do something that feeds your soul. For me, that's writing. What's your passion?

Just for today, indulge. Watch that awful movie you secretly love. Treat yourself to a mocha. Add fifteen minutes to your walk/run. Savor it.

Just for today, try something new. A new route home. A new book. A new dish for dinner. Let it shake up your routine. Enjoy the experience for what it is.

Just for today, help a friend. Take him/her a meal. Offer an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to help them up.

Just for today, go to bed a little early. Your body and brain will love the extra snooze time.

Just for today, give yourself a compliment. Beautiful new dress? Great hair? A job well done? Take note and let your self-confidence blossom.

Just for today, pass on a kindness. Open a door. Buy someone's coffee. A little kindness has a ripple effect. Be the one who starts the cycle.

Just for today, be honest. With yourself. With your loved ones. With your co-workers. Do this with grace and authenticity.

Just for today, be thankful. For whatever or whomever made your day.


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