Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eat Your Words

You know the saying, "never say never?" The older more mature I get, the more I find eating my words to be a repugnant palatable experience. No really, I don't do. I'm talented at using the word never. At least I used to be. My mom has a video of me, lurking somewhere, where I emphatically proclaim, "I will NEVER have children." Three children later, I can only shake my head. I believe I also said I'd never live in a small town, I'd never wear pink and...well, let's just say I've swallowed my words by the mouthful on numerous a few occasions.

And you know what? I'm irritated okay with it. No one enjoys admitting they're wrong. I'm no exception. Ahem...let me rephrase that. I'm a Leo. As The Queen of Everyone royalty, I hate to don't like to admit I'm wrong. As my husband can attest, I'm wrong about one three times a year. I know this because he marks it on the calendar. No kidding.

The reason eating your words can be such a difficult powerful experience is this--it's an opportunity for growth. Admitting you're wrong can do two things. 1) You acknowledge you're human, and 2) you can learn from it. If you're on the other end of it like my husband, you find it incredibly gratifying to be right once three times a year.

Reality checks are dumb humbling and necessary. How else would we stay grounded? Those little (or big) reminders keep our egos in check. They teach us to play well with others. They open our minds to a variety of opinions and perceptions. We don't all have to agree, and we don't all have to be right all the time. If I can admit that under duress, anyone can.

So the next time you consider using the word never, think twice. If necessary, eat your words. Do it with a grimace smile. And don't let your spouse mark on the calendar when you're wrong. Resist the urge to mark on the calendar when you're right. Mostly because you'll never have enough space to write appointments, birthdays and reminders. ;-)


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