Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Half New Year

We're halfway through another year. Can you believe it? I don't do the typical New Year's resolution, but I'm a big goal-setter year round. The halfway point of the year is a great time to look at what you've accomplished and what you have yet to achieve. Here are my mid-year goals:

1) Read more. I read every day, but recently that has dwindled down to a mere page or two. This is a big deal for someone who can read three single titles a day. My excuse is good--I've been busy writing. But writers are always readers first. Not to mention my TBR pile is out of control.
2) Finally submit my middle grade. This is the story nearest and dearest to my heart right now--and the one I hope will catch an agent's interest.

3) Meet my August 1st deadline for Stone Cold Destiny with a smile on my face. I've never had to write 90K in 2 months (less if you count the days I'll spend editing Stone Cold Seduction and Stone Cold Revenge). It's a beautiful opportunity to test my limits. And a learning experience that back-to-back releases aren't for the faint of heart.

4) Enjoy my family. This should have gone at the top of my list. My husband has Saturdays off for the first time in a year. After I meet my deadline, I'm not going to let those August Saturdays go to waste. I might even brave an amusement park for my kids. *cringe*

5) Shop for a pair of killer heels. Superficial, yes, but something I haven't done since high school prom. Don't ask how many years ago that was. I'm ashamed to admit it out loud.

6) Chase 3 more professional opportunities that are so crazy and out of my comfort zone, I can't help but be freaked out over them. I have a few ideas, but haven't settled on how high I want to reach. I think I'll pick the most impossible, improbable goals of the bunch. Why not?

7) Take the entire month of December off (not including edits, if necessary). I'll need the down time after the busy, productive year. :)

What are some of your goals for the rest of the year?

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