Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Dreams, Big Results

I love to dream. As a writer, it's a pre-requisite. I daydream anytime I have a second to myself (mindless household chores can yield amazing ideas). Before you write these musings off as a waste of time, here's some food for thought: My dreams help to shape my goals. My goals carve my path. And once I know my path, I can work my way toward success. At least that's the condensed version.

I'm not about to trivialize the effort that goes into making your dreams reality. If nothing else, you can believe that any dream worth reaching, is worth a lot (and I mean a LOT) of hard work. I think this is exactly why most of us don't dare to dream big. I'm currently reading "Steering by Starlight" by Martha Beck, and I highly recommend it--she's brilliant. Ms. Beck says, "All we have to do to get magic on our side is to look up at the stars." What she's really saying is when you reach for your biggest dreams (shooting for the stars), you'll experience an almost magical sequence of synchronicity. Your path will clear, opportunities will open up and you'll achieve BIG results.

Think back to a big dream you had (one you could still achieve today--lead guitarist for The Eagles doesn't count). Maybe even one you've cultivated since childhood. Published author? Mother of five? Top Chef? Garden diva? Deep sea diver? Teacher? Resident of Brazil? Keep in mind, this doesn't have to be about your career. It can include your family, finances, personal goals or travel. The stars are the limit. Now hold that dream in your mind for a few minutes. Ask yourself, why couldn't you achieve this dream right now?

After you've given yourself a dozen practical reasons (excuses!) why it can't happen, ask yourself again, why couldn't you achieve your dream? Right. Now. Please repeat after me (compliments of the ever-optimistic Wayne Dyer): All things are possible.

*All things are possible.

I have recently embarked on a path that will take me through many years of schooling. The reaction from many family and friends has been, quite frankly, negative (and this is the point where most people would stop). If you're as contrary as I am, you'll do it simply because someone said you can't. Or shouldn't. Thankfully I have a few AMAZING people who go above and beyond in their support. (Much love to Travis, Sara, Sarah, Kathleen, and Maria!). This is a big dream I've cultivated for years. I'm only now deciding to make it happen. For me, the question of "why" is easy to answer. I have a harder time answering the question "why not?" Going after my dreams is a no-brainer. One of my goals is to look back on my life (at any point), and know I followed my heart toward whatever dreams I had. So far, I'm on track.

I hope you never, EVER, let the naysayers in your life dictate your path (even if that naysayer is you). I hope you always reach for the stars and dare to dream big. Better yet, I hope you make those big dreams your reality. I hope you realize the magic in your life and use it to create impossible, wonderful things.


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